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NEWS     FRIDAY,  JUNE  22, 2018    NEWS

Giuliani: Mueller Needs To Be Investigated For Hiring FBI Agent Peter Strzok!
Special counsel Robert Mueller, who’s leading the investigation into whether Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election on behalf of the Trump campaign, needs to be questioned under oath for his hiring of partisan FBI agents, according to the president’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani. “The investigators need to be investigated,” Giuliani said on Tuesday during an interview with FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo. Fox Business
VOA VIEW: A good question.

Supreme Court Decides To Make Online Shoppers Pay Sales Tax
States will be able to force more people to pay sales tax when they make online purchases under a Supreme Court decision Thursday that will leave shoppers with lighter wallets but is a big financial win for states. Consumers can expect to see sales tax charged on more online purchases — likely over the next year and potentially before the Christmas shopping season — as states and retailers react to the court’s decision, said one attorney involved in the case. AP

First Lady Melanie, Makes Surprise Visit To Border Facilities
Melania Trump becomes the first Trump family member to personally witness the situation that has captured the country's attention over the past several weeks. "She wants to see what's real," said the first lady's spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham told CNN during a 10-minute press briefing en route to Texas. "She wanted to see as close to what she had been seeing on TV. She wants to see a realistic view of what's happening." CNN
VOA VIEW: A real first lady.

Trump Calls Out Obama For 'Inhumane' Treatment Of Migrant Kids
“In 2014, in the Obama Administration they have pictures so bad they had a judge that said it was inhumane the way they were treating children. Take a look at some of the court rulings against the Obama Administration. They talked about the inhumane treatment,” Trump said, adding “all over the place. Inhumane treatment. They were treating them terribly.” Daily Caller
VOA VIEW: Obama was very inhumane.


'Time' Magazine Debuts Chilling 'Welcome To America' Cover
After a tense past few weeks in regards to immigration reform from the Trump administration's executive order on family separation (and later their repeal of it), TIME magazine has presented their latest cover for the July 2 issue, featuring a heart-wrenching photo illustration of a crying Honduran girl staring into the eyes of President Donald Trump with the caption, "Welcome to America." Billboard
VOA VIEW: Time is trash.

A Texas billboard that sparked controversy and death threats online after going viral on social media this week has been removed.  That according to the company that manages the sign. The sign originally read “Liberals, Please continue on I-40 until you have left our great State of Texas.” Still no word on who the client was that hired Burkett Outdoor Advertising to post the billboard. Burkett said they do not release the names of clients. Dallas-Ft. Worth CBS

Dow Drops, 8th Day In A Row....
Stocks fell on Thursday as fears of an impending trade war between the U.S. and China dragged investor sentiment lower. The Dow Jones industrial average dropped 196.1 points to 24,461.70, with Intel and Caterpillar as the worst-performing stock in the index. The Dow also posed an eight-day losing streak, its longest since March 2017. The S&P 500 declined 0.6 percent to 2,749.76 as energy shares fell 1.9 percent. CNBC


NSA Moves All Of Its Data To 'The Cloud'
The National Security Agency has moved most of the mission data it collects, analyzes and stores into a classified cloud computing environment known as the Intelligence Community GovCloud. The IC GovCloud is a single integrated “big data fusion environment” that allows analysts to rapidly “connect the dots” across all NSA’s data sources, according to Chief Information Officer Greg Smithberger. Nextgov

DOJ: Politicization Within The FBI's Counterintelligence Division
Disclosures by the Justice Department inspector general of political bias among FBI agents is focusing new attention on problems within the FBI's once-storied counterintelligence division. The report by Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz reveals evidence of politicization among senior FBI officials, notably the text message by Deputy Assistant Director for Counterintelligence Peter Strzok suggesting Strzok was willing to use official counterintelligence powers to "stop" Donald Trump from becoming president in the 2016 election campaign. Free Beacon
VOA VIEW: Strzok and others should be fired.

Congress Investigating Agents About Changing FBI Interview Reports
Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) suggested Thursday in an interview wth Hill.TV's "Rising" that evidence may have been tampered with in the case against former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn. Meadows suggested one focus is whether FBI interview reports — known as 302 reports — about Flynn were altered to improve the chances he'd be prosecuted. "I brought this up with the inspector general the other day.  Some of those key witness will be asked to appear before House Oversight," he added. The question about the FBI interview reports, he said, was "were they changed to change the outcome of prosecution decisions. I think they might have." Hill

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Hamas Pays Family To Claim Their Baby Was Killed By Israeli Tear Gas
A 20-year-old Palestinian indicted Thursday on terror-related charges told Israeli investigators during his interrogation that Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar paid his relatives to falsely tell the media that his baby cousin died of tear gas inhalation. The story of baby Layla Ghandour’s death, purportedly from inhaling tear gas fired by Israel at the Gaza border, made headlines around the world last month and intensified global criticism of Israel’s handling of Hamas-spurred violence at the fence. Times Of Israel
VOA VIEW: Hamas is a joke.

FOX Accepts Higher Offer From Disney-$71.3 Billion
Walt Disney Co. raised its offer to purchase most of 21st Century Fox to more than $71.3 billion in cash and stock, topping an unsolicited offer from rival Comcast Corp. and escalating the bidding war for the coveted media properties. Disney’s new offer is far higher than its original deal, $52.4 billion in stock, and surpasses Comcast’s all-cash offer of roughly $65 billion. In addition to having the higher offer, Disney said it also has a regulatory advantage over Comcast. WSJ

Netanyahu's Wife Indicted For Fraud
Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit filed an indictment on Thursday against the prime minister’s wife, Sara Netanyahu, for fraud with aggravated circumstances and breach of public trust in the “Prepared Food Affair” in an explosive development which shook the country. They offered to return some of the funds Netanyahu is accused of obtaining fraudulently and to take public responsibility, as long as she would not be slapped with any kind of criminal record. Ultimately, despite media reports that a deal might be near, the Post’s sources proved correct that no deal was reached, leading to Thursday’s indictment in the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court. JPost


Latinos To Outnumber Non-Hispanic Whites In Texas By 2022
“We had projected that the Latino population would exceed the ... white population by 2020 and that’s probably not going to happen,” he said. Based on the new trends, he said, he now expects Latinos to outnumber non-Hispanic white people in Texas by 2022. That’s probably a result of a slight decline in birth rates among Latinos as well as a slowing of immigration from Mexico and other Latin American countries over the last decade, Potter said. Meanwhile, he said, growth in the state’s white population has effectively flattened. In any case, demographers have said for years that Texas’ increasing ethnic diversity will shape the state’s future. Dallas News

Leak: ACLU Wavering On Free Speech
The American Civil Liberties Union will weigh its interest in protecting the First Amendment against its other commitments to social justice, racial equality, and women's rights, given the possibility that offensive speech might undermine ACLU goals. "Our defense of speech may have a greater or lesser harmful impact on the equality and justice work to which we are also committed," wrote ACLU staffers in a confidential memo obtained by former board member Wendy Kaminer. Reason

Armed Pastor Kills Gun Toting Carjacker In Walmart Parking Lot
An armed off-duty paramedic, who is also a pastor, is being hailed as a hero after he shot and killed a shooting suspect at a Washington state Walmart. The good Samaritan is now coming forward to share his story. Emotions overwhelmed David George Wednesday morning as he identified himself as the person who shot and killed a suspected gunman at a Tumwater, Washington Walmart. “This was a traumatic experience for us and all those involved,” he said. CBS Miami

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Starbucks Social Justice Appeasement-Growth Stalls And Stocks Plunge
Starbucks may have appeased progressives with its social-justice workshops and open-bathroom policy, but such moves have failed to caffeinate the company’s bottom line. The coffee giant’s stock took a tumble Wednesday after CEO Kevin Johnsonannounced that Starbucks would close 150 company-owned stores next year instead of the expected 50, with an emphasis on underperforming shops in densely populated urban areas, and lowered growth projections. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Starbucks have gone too far to the left.

First Lady Wears Jacket Saying 'I Really Don't Care, Do U?, To Border
What a fashion statement. First lady Melania Trump wore a jacket with the words “I really don’t care, do U?” on the back on Thursday as she boarded a plane on her way to visit immigrant children being held at the border. She arrived at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland wearing the green, hooded $39 jacket from Zara, the Daily Mail reported. She removed it before she arrived in McAllen, Texas, to tour a detention center. NY Post

'White Civil Rights Rally' Approved For D.C. In August
The National Park Service has approved an initial request for organizers to hold a second "Unite the Right" rally, this time across the street from the White House in August — one year after white supremacists gathered in Charlottesville, Va. The park service has given initial approval to an application from Jason Kessler to hold a "white civil rights rally" on Aug. 11 and 12, as first reported by WUSA9. Kessler, along with white supremacist Richard Spencer and others, organized the 2017 rally, during which a woman was killed. The park service has not yet issued a permit for the event. NPR

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NFL Players Move Their Protests Off The Field, Grilling Boston DA Candidates
They're used to rushing, tackling, and taking hits in front of 65,000 screaming spectators. But it was a whole different ball game when three New England Patriots came to a much smaller stage at a middle school in Boston's inner city this week to challenge five candidates vying to be district attorney on how they'd make the criminal justice system more fair. "[My] nervous level is pretty high right now," conceded player Matthew Slater, as the auditorium began to fill up. Each clutching a wad of notes, his teammates Jason and Devin McCourty, seemed to feel the same way. NPR

Pelosi Leans On 'Great' Reagan, Bush For Immigration Arguments
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) implored Republicans to think like President Reagan on immigration reform, both at her weekly news conference and in a speech on the House floor. "Democrats want open Borders, where anyone can come into our Country, and stay. This is Nancy Pelosi’s dream. It won’t happen!" President Trump tweeted today. Pelosi told reporters, "If he only knew what my dream was." "The Democrats have taken full responsibility for securing our borders. We know that is a responsibility that we have. But we don't think that we have to put children in cages to do it. There is a better way. And the president is either not knowing, not caring, delusional, in denial about his own policies being outside the circle of civilized human behavior," she said. PJ Media

Microsoft Employees Demand Cancelation Of $19.4M ICE Contract Over Trump Border Policy
Nearly 100 Microsoft employees signed a letter that was posted on the company's internal messaging system demanding that their employer cancel a $19.4 million contract with  U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) over President Trump's immigration policies. The letter, addressed to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, called on the company to take an ethical stand, "putting children and families above profits," and to demonstrate that commitment by canceling a massive contract for the Azure cloud computing platform. PJ Media

Former Obama Secretary Of Homeland: We Expanded Detention Centers
Jeh Johnson, former secretary of homeland security under President Obama, admitted that they expanded family detention centers under his watch in an interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Thursday afternoon. “So, in 2014 — to deal with the spike then with the families — we did a number of things; including, by the way, working with the government of Mexico and obtaining their cooperation on securing their southern border. But we also expanded family detention, which was, I freely admit, controversial,” Johnson stated. Daily Caller

Diner That Hosted Fox & Friends Is Receiving Major Backlash
A cafe in Duluth, Minnesota is facing heavy criticism after allowing Fox and Friends to film their morning show in the restaurant Thursday. Uncle Loui’s cafe announced the would be hosting the morning show and faced a flurry of comments from the Left almost immediately. “There were people that were congratulating us and then there were some people that were very angry,” said Matt Berthiaume, the general manager of the restaurant, to the Duluth News Tribune. Daily Caller
VOA VIEW: Expected from l iberals.

Trump: North Korea Returns Remains Of 200 US Troops
President Donald Trump said that the remains of 200 U.S. troops have been returned by North Korea. Trump made the announcement while speaking at a Wednesday rally in Duluth, Minnesota, making reference to the “fallen heroes” of the Korean War. “We got back our great fallen heroes, the remains sent back today, already 200 got sent back,” Trump said. InfoWars

Former Secret Service Agent Files Suit Against Clintons
Conspiracy theorists (and conspiracy factists) are running wild as infamously outspoken former Secret Service agent Gary Byrne has filed a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) suit against what some call the Democrat Deep State: 'For the past decade in which relevant predicate acts were corruptly carried out by the named defendants as “payback” for Plaintiff Gary Byrne’s role in the Clinton impeachment and his status as a “Clinton enemy” (for his temerity in telling the truth concerning obstruction of justice and gross abuse of power), along with their corrupt surrogates and collaborators (referenced individually and collectively as the “Enterprise”), David Brock and William and Hillary Clinton have been synonymous with criminal  behavior, malicious baseless attacks (using mainly the illicit and vicious defamatory tactics against  perceived political enemies (like Officer Gary Byrne, the Plaintiff here) of those willing to compensate  participants like Brock) – and coordinating by mail and wire to violate myriad Federal and State laws in the exploitation of Enterprise nonprofit entities they use for purely partisan purposes.' InfoWars

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